Piven And Cloward: Regulating The Poor

cloward piven strategy

Another example of the strategy at work can be seen by examining the manner in which we attempted to fix our stagnant economy, a weakness which was caused in large part by our accumulation of an unreasonable amount of debt.


How is Mr. Obama attempting to "fix" the crisis? After selling the American people on the concept that we needed to "stimulate" the economy, the government made even more crippling debt; debt that is so insurmountable that it can potentially cause the fall of our economy a few years down the road. Is that not what is happening right now?

If you've been watching the news, you have heard that major cities in America are filing bankruptcy. How it came to pass is no secret. City officials, in response to political pressure, took on debt obligations years ago the cities had no hopes of being able to meet in future years.

Now that the federal government is taking on insurmountable amounts of debt, ask yourself, what will happen when the United States government finds itself in the same boat? What will happen when the very programs that are meant to provide "assistance to those in need" collapse because they can't be sustained by a bankrupt government?

Our politicians will have an answer. It won't be pretty. It will, more than likely involve some form of tyranny as government officials will be required to take total control over the economy, and our day-to-day lives, in order to bring us out of the very crisis that the government manufactured.

We'll be told what to eat (isn't the mayor of New York already doing that?), where to go to school, what professions are open to us (as in many European countries), where to live, what forms of transportation we may use....

But the government won't force tyranny upon us. We'll demand for it; just as the people of ancient Athens installed a tyrant after their 20 year experiment in Democracy failed, a failure brought about by the realization among the people that they could literally vote themselves the keys to the treasury.

And when the system totally collapses and tyranny comes, Barack Obama's dream of fundamentally "transforming" the United States will be realized.

He's already set the wheels in motion. Whoever may come after him will need to make some rather drastic changes to set things to rights and instituting drastic change is something that most politicians (with the exception of Mr. Obama and some of his cronies) are generally unwilling to do.

Now, you be may be asking: what evil is motivating Barack Obama and others to pursue this strategy. One way of answering that query might be to ask: who says the strategy or Obama's motives are "evil."

If Obama succeeds, the United States might not be a pleasant place in which to live and freedom will have become a fleeting concept, but life will be more fundamentally "fair" for everyone; society will be ordered as the government will dictate how each of us is allowed to live our lives... how much our money we are able to keep... what we do for a living.... where we live... what we eat... you get the idea.

A "socialist utopia" will be realized, and that is the ultimate goal of the implementation of the strategy.

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