Cloward And Piven: An Evil And Wicked Plan

People Find It Difficult To Believe That Their Leaders Can Be Evil People With Wicked Agendas!

And yet, people are now beginning to realize America is indeed under attack from its political leaders.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine that Barack Obama has already begun the process of limiting the power of the other two branches of government and expanding the power of the Executive Branch as he has simultaneously taken our economy down the chute.

It doesn't take a great intellect to see that Obama has burdened our country

with such an unprecedented amount of debt and has expanded the role of government to the point, that our great nation may never recover.

What is the plan and the blueprint he has used to take us down the road to ruin? It's called the Cloward Piven Strategy and it very well may be the bedrock... the foundation of Barack Hussein Obama's plan to radically change this country.

The Cloward Piven Strategy hinges upon forcing political change through orchestrated and manufactured crisis. Crisis begs for solutions. Manufacture enough crisis and implement enough solutions and voila, you can literally break the back of government by overloading the system.

At that point, the door is wide open for political leaders to "rescue" society, remold it, and institute a redistributive economic model, because the people, after having lived through an overabundance of crisis, will demand the implementation of a redistributive economic. Is any of this starting to sound familiar?

Put another way, the Cloward Piven Strategy seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into economic collapse.

It's a plan tailor-made for progressives, and Mr. Obama, in spite of how he marketed himself, is most certainly a progressive who, with a little help from his friends, is systematically implementing an economic collapse which will lead to political turmoil and ultimately, to tyranny and socialism.

If implemented correctly, the Cloward Piven Strategy will most certainly allow Mr. Obama to institute the "hope and change" of which he once spoke. The only problem is that when he spoke of "hope and change," few knew what he really meant.

And whereas the Cloward Piven Strategy hinges upon orchestrated and manufactured crisis, it can be said that it evolved from the teachings of Saul Alinsky.

Alinsky wrote, in Rules for Radicals: "Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. When pressed to honor every word of every law and statute, every Judeo-Christian moral tenet, and every implicit promise of the liberal social contract, human agencies inevitably fall short. The system's failure to "live up" to its rule book can then be used to discredit it altogether, and to replace the capitalist "rule book" with a socialist one."

Americans are known to be among the most generous and compassionate people in the world. As Alinsky points out, this compassion goes hand-in-hand with our Judeo-Christian heritage. We will respond to any crisis and seek to right wrongs and bring assistance to those in needs, and using this tendency to compel us, as compassionate Americans to live up to our own "rule book" is a recipe for disaster. If a sufficient amount of crisis can be provided "human agencies inevitably fall short."

Of course, Cloward and Piven took Alinsky's rules one step further. Why settle with discrediting the system when you could also cause it to collapse under its own weight by following the rule through to its logical course?

All that is needed is a method to manufacture crisis, but how does one go about orchestrating and manufacturing crisis? The simple answer is to create political and social welfare organizations that are specifically tasked to manufacture crisis.

Obama is familiar with the concept. He made his "living" as a community organizer, and, perhaps not so coincidentally, he attended Columbia Univesity, where Cloward and Piven actually taught, for two years. Did he become a disciple of theirs back in his college days? Did they play a role in putting him on the road to being a "community organizer?" We may never know since Obama has sealed his academic records from Columbia.

But I digress. If you're looking for known organizations that were specifically founded to manufacture crisis, look no further than ACORN, promoting crisis is the organization's specialty. Want to sell the American people on the idea that there is a crisis brewing? No problem. Go to ACORN. They can publicize the crisis, "educate" the grassroots and even deploy rent-a-mobs to demonstarte in cities across the country at a moment's notice to illustrate to a willing media that a crisis does indeed exist.

It's not ironic that ACORN champions voter fraud to fight alleged inequities in the system, only to manufacture greater inequities in the system. It's design. The treatment is indeed worse than the disease, particularly when treatment is rendered to a patient that isn't sick.

Make no mistake, ACORN is an essentialy cog in the machine to implement the Cloward Piven Strategy. It is so effective that it is so often emulated... Jesse Jackson's Operation Push and, more recently, the Occupy Wall Street Movement; and it would be remiss not to point out that it is no coincidence that the founder of ACORN, Wade Rathke, was a known disciples of Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven.

Did Barack Obama not work closely with ACORN throughout his career before running for president? Bill Ayers was a known Cloward Piven disciple too. Didn't Barack Obama start his political career in Ayers' living room? Are the connections these men have with one another coincidence... the stuff of conspiracy theories?

Do these connections really matter? Is it actually possible that two Columbia University professors were actually able, over a period of many years, to almost single-handedly put the pieces of a grand and master plan into place; a plan that, once properly implemented, would threaten our country from within?

Perhaps... perhaps not, but for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the dangers should still be obvious.

Of course, we don't see the danger posed by the implementation of the Cloward Piven Strategy because today, thanks to the way history is taught in America’s government schools, the threat to freedom that socialism, communism and other forms of tyranny posed in our past and still pose today, is a taboo topic... not fit for discussion.

And what we do not discuss, we do not perceive as a threat; and what we do not perceive to be a threat, we do not take action to stop. We are enveloped in a mass ignorance, an ignorance which extends all the way to our halls of power, all the way to Congress.

Those who attempt to thwart the evil that is being done are accussed of fostering political gridlock, and we are told, time and again, by the media that the source of what is ailing this country is political gridlock. But the current sickness in the American political system is not partisan gridlock, Democrat vs. Republican; the current malady plaguing our political system stems from our inability to maintain partisan gridlock in the face of a political philosophy that seeks to destroy America as we know it.

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